Triple Double

Wow what an exciting day here at We have all sorts of action tonight. The running of the Super Star Series sprints, The Dash for Cash sprint, and the first leg of the Triple Crown for 3 year olds. The Triple Crown is a 3 leg event with 100k added and a 200k bonus for any horse to win all 3 legs. Only one horse has ever won the Triple Crown, Sheza Troll. She did it in impressive fashion just a few seasons ago. Looking back as her racing career winds down, lets give the filly not only props for such an amazing accomplishment, but also in her longevity. She is still running strong all these seasons later. Most players on here dont have the patience Cameo has. I agree with her stategy of keeping a horse around as long as she is making you money. Most players are antsy to breed new yearlings to go for the Eliminator and Super Star Series cash. However there is plenty of money to go after for 3 and ups as well. I think this also plays into the smaller field for the Matron Mile as most of the good 3 year olds have gone to the shed. This is something that might need to be looked into by all. To race or to breed…


The Matron Mile(First Leg of Triple Crown) 3 year old Fillies

1)Rerevolt: Ryan has himself a nice dark horse here. Not just literally, but in the sense that this horse could play spoiler tonight. This horse has a perfrct running style to eat up lots of purse money in this series. A stalking router who can be patient and stay close enough to give itself a chance. Krone fits the mold and will be ready to go.

ML ODDS: 4/1

2)Zen Yada Yada Yada: This horse has only seen the winner circle one time this year and will need to do better to pick up the win here tonight. She has the ability to put in a big run from time to time and should have a shot at atleast going to the front and slowing the pace down for a shot. Castro gets a chance to make that happen.

ML ODDS: 5/1

3)Watching Grass Grow: Holy smokes this horse has been running in form as of late and just in time. After what she did a couple weeks ago almost breaking the 7f turf track record, and a nice 99 speed figure winning the Lady Fields from gate to wire, this horse is ready to rock and roll. She is the horse to beat.

ML ODDS: 9/5

4) Slaughter Pharm(fl): This hrose has been out of form as of late. She has a great start to her 3 year old season, but has tailed off and needs to refind the magic. She does have it in her to run big but the closer is going to need to stay close and the smaller field will help her get back to form with less traffic to manage.

ML ODDS: 8/1

5)Mystery: Polaris gets a shot here with a sprinter who has some real speed. He could adversely effect the results if any of these horses try to get in a speed duel with her. She can go sub 22 for 2 furlongs and will certainly be in the lead. Wouldnt it be something if she went out alone, and no one could catch her?? I dont see it happens, she is going to need to relax and slow it down for a shot.

ML ODDS: 10/1

My picks 3/1/2

The Canadian Classic(First leg of the Triple Crown)3 year old Colts

1)Gogambleondamontain: Big aspirations for the recent 2k claim from Florida Farms. If there is anyone to do it though, it is him. I am sure he could give you a list of horses he claimed cheap and turned into stars. This one might fit the mold. I like the router pedigree and the 1:48.81 last time out shows he can run. The rail might help this horse be competitive.

ML ODDS: 20/1

2)Drill Dot Com: Trunoble has a horse here who knows what it takes to win. 8 times this year this horse has went to the winners circle. After being very successful in the routes Norm has been putting this horse in sprints and we will see if the stategy jumping back to routes will pay off. I am sure this isnt by accident. Really curious here with lots of possibilities.

ML ODDS: 8/1

3)Tevennec Lighthouse: Polaris is going to need to have a good trip here. I am not sure this horse can win with any other scenrio other then this horse coming from mid pack or above with a nice closing kick. Seems like the cards will all need to align for a shot.

ML ODDS: 15/1

4)Third Life: This horse has shown some past route success in high level claimers. 11 wins in his career and the gelding is going to try and be close to the lead for success.

ML ODDS: 12/1

5)Troll Cody: Foggydan made a huge claim to get this colt. He has himself a horse with lots of speed, but what to do with it here. As he is probably suited better at sprints, I think in the right scenario this horse could be very successful here at routes as well. He is certainly going to have to save something for the end. Might be one of those horses that does better with 99/98 speed for routes??

ML ODDS: 7/1

6)Kurt: This horse has been passed around in claimers as of late but has lots of route ability. I would say this horse needs to stalk the pace and he has shown he can close. Could be a nice buy for 30k for Pharmacon.

ML ODDS: 6/1

7)Hossegor: This horse had a nice win last time out, but the horse will need to do even better to have a good shot here. Looks like he can go further and might just be a small tweek away from breaking into the big time. Outside chance at a piece.

ML ODDS: 12/1

8)Star Of The Mountain: Rose gets a chance to prove he can compete with this one. Ryan’s horse has shown success when he can go to the front pack. He doesn’t seem to be as successful coming through traffic. 5 wins on the year, and looking to add to it here with a huge run.

ML ODDS: 4/1

9)Maxed Out Explorer:Florida Farms really is going to need this horse to go after the lead. If she has it today, it could be lights out for the rest of the field. If he fires, he is one of the best in the game. He has been running pretty good lately, and fingers point to a big run from the outside.

ML ODDS: 2/1

10)Dadwasabadman: This horse would really be a dangerous canidate for the triple crown if he could pick up a win here. He seems to get better with distance, and I think he will also look to stay close. I would say he needs the run of his life to win here though.

ML ODDS: 5/1

My picks:9/8/10/6

These fields look pretty wide open with no true stand alone in either race, especially in the colts. I look forward to some great racing tonight! The super star series pools are getting big, and its time for any horse within 10-15 points of 12th place to make their move before its too late. You are going to want to get in on the biggest pools in DD history! Good luck to everyone tonight!