Season 34: Trainer Greeko Holdem Interview

Trainer Profile: 

Name: John

From: Vancouver, Canada

Stable Name: Greeko Holdem

Nickname: Greeko

Seasons as Trainer: 2

I had a chance to interview digitaldown’s latest rising star conditioner John in the chatroom tonight. Special thanks to John for his time and responses.

Q: What interested you about and virtual horse racing?

A: I’ve grown up around horse racing since the age of 5 and got close to owning real horses in the past, but never did. I‘ve always loved the sport and thought it would be fun to manage and race my own virtual horses.

Q: In real horse racing do you have a favorite horse or trainer that you follow?

A: My favorite horse growing up was Easy Goer.

Easy Goer

Q: Who is your favorite horse in your stable at digitaldowns?

A: Sheza Ecko 2 year old filly that’s made over 200Kc on the track already. 

Q: Season 34 marks your first full season at digitaldowns, what were your goals this season?

A: My goals at the start of the season was to win a few big races and get a feel for the game and how it works. I wanted to build my stable thru claimers and purchase horses privately. When I started I didn’t have very much of anything, but I found a few breeders, bought Season 33 Horse of the Year TEMPLE OF SAKKARA and later purchased another stable to add to my string of runners. 

Q: What has been your biggest challenge so far?

A: My biggest challenge so far has been with the cheaper claimers. I’ve found the C and D type horses take turns winning and are very inconsistent.

Q: What is your favorite feature about digitaldowns and why?

A: This game has a lot of great features such as qualifiers and champ finals, but I really love the breeding and bloodlines aspect of the game. I’d like to focus a lot of my time breeding and selling champions.

Q: What are some changes you’d like to see added to the game?

A: I’d like for there to be an easier way to follow horses from other stables for claiming using a notification of some kind. I want to see more bigger purse races, like the Create Million, Greeko Derby, Greeko Oaks, etc. I would reduce claiming classes and add claiming weight allowance races. Lastly, I would like to see the site add a end of season “Breeder’s Cup” type event. 

Q: What are you most looking forward to for Season 35?

A: With my late start in season 33 I consider this (34) my rookie season. I’m eager to race my yearlings and give the triple crown a chance. I will have 3 to 4 horses that will be eligible to possibly win it. 

John wanted to mention and give thanks to a few of the trainers that helped him along the way this season: Eddie of TaylorandTaryn, Norm of Trunoble Lodge, and John of Aloya.