Heating Up

Wow, it has been a crazy start to the season so far here at Digitaldowns.us. Florida Farms went out to a really fast start taking the trainers lead by storm, but has recenty been caught by defending champ Aquaman. Trunoble and all his experience and titles is right there nipping at his feet like a naughty little elf. ¬†Florida is still in 3rd place, and has vowed to stay competitive. He still has won a ton of money and seems to be the guy to beat in all the big races. Ryan and Sparc Stables both also have very formidable stables that could make a run if they so choose to do so. In any case it’s going to be one helluva Fall here at Digitaldowns. We have the return of a couple old players and some new blood trickling in.


The competition is getting fierce and jockeys and trainers are scrambling to stay on top of their game. All it takes is a mistake or two, and one can fall off the radar. Decisions are everything. For trainers, the type of races, the equipment, the meds, who do you hire and how do you send them. For jockeys a couple wrong moves, or a small slump can send you from the graces of trainers and can have them looking elsewhere for mounts. Ask D Nelson, as she was one of the most consistant riders a couple seasons ago. She went on a bad streak and is now lucky to ride 2 longshots per week. People need to realize that the jockeys that dont get good rides, will be limited in their success. Look at a couple jockeys that started getting good rides. Castro and Bridgmohan…Both have proved all they need is a chance to ride some good horses. I wonder who else lurks in the shadows..

The Super Star Series has been a success with the move to twice a week. I think this gives the owners a chance to more versatile and run some horses in both series. I also think that the horses need to run often to stay competitve. Florida Farms is looking to stronghold this competition because as a poker player he understands about layovers. With the added money each week almost offsetting the 2 dollar takeout to be sent to the final race, its a no brainer that the final is something very big with a lot of money to go after. If the series ended today, he would have 10 sprinters running for the big money final(colts and fillies combined), and 12 colts(thats half the fields). He has basically said, come and get me guys…If you can.

Yesterday, Aquaman got himself a nice sprint win with Free Spirits Joy, who closed nicely to pick up the win for the defending trainers champ. It’s nice to see him stepping it up to the stakes level more consistantly. On the fillies side, Sparc finished 1/2 with a couple nice young sprinters he has; Jesse Max Out and Holiday(ny). Sparc has always had a nack for these sprinter types. Today we run the routers, and we have some nice fields going.


Herbal Flirtations and Cupid(fl) lead the way in the Colts Route division and will both run today in different races(the races split due to large amount of entries) Herbal Flirtations draws the outside(10) and Cupid Drawns the Rail in his race. Both have good shots at winning. I like Coach’s Legacy in the first colts race. I think he has what it takes to win at any distance 6f+. ¬†He should get a nice trip on the rail and Krone will really have him moving late. In the second Colts race, Cupid(fl) is going to be tough to take down(winner of last 3) but I am interested in what Eric the Poker Elf has in store for him tonight. Should be a heated battle for the lead. Cool Running is a nice longshot here, as this horse may be well suited better for the route course.

On the fillies side, Mogadishu has a stronghold here, but newcomer Heiroglyphix from Trunoble will have something to say here tonight on the rail. This horse looked very good at 7f, and shoud offer a big challenege here tonight. In the other race I think Bayou Babe is the horse to beat. This horse needs to stay close to the lead and will be tough to contend with in the stretch if she does.

Well folks, The triple crown is slowly approaching. Its fun to see who is seperating themselves this year as the favorite, but at this point there are quite a few horses who have a good shot at atleast making a run for it. Big purse money and fame and glory to any horse that can pull it off. Just ask Sheza Troll owner Cameo Stables what it is like to cash in on the big bonus check! Good luck to everyone today, and remember…Dont get left behind!