Digital Downs 3yo Sprint Championship Final Fillies

Time for the 3-year-old filly sprinters and it is difficult to see anything beyond the top 4 in qualifying order.

Last season
Last years winner was running against the very best of both sexes.
Won by Induana’s Phuza, winning by just a head on a heavy dirt surface, Induana spent the season running in qualifiers and through the grades, including a $15 claimer!! Form going into the race was not the best on show, but he showed he handled the mud the best, coming from off the pace.

12/22/2020Calder DD6f = 1200mTurf FirmDigital Downs Sprint Championship 3yo Fillies

2Pepermint SchnappsSweet Stables56
3Beautiful MindPancho Racing Stables54
4Black MaterGalloping Ghost46
5Big LeadChrisman42
6Hot Fudge MaltSweet Stables34
7DalmarianAnfield Road26
8Dazzling LeslieInduna24
9Golden PoundChrisman22
10Storm ForceAnfield Road21

Tarynfightsherbattle from Taylorandtaryn
Last race: Bel 1M Turf Firm – Xmas 1st

Started her career as a 3 year old and spent the season making up for lost time, with a staggering 39 runs this season alone, earning $1.2 mill along the way.
28 qualifying runs, with 8 wins, competing in sprint and classic races, this horse has talent to burn!! Impressive form of late he seems to have reached his limit for a couple of races only to come back just as strong. Must be a favourite in anyone’s books.

Pepermint Schnapps from Sweet Stables
Last race: Cal 5f Turf Firm – DDSQ 1st

Won her maiden after her third run and raced solely in qualifiers since, also winning the G1 Breeders Cup Sprint.12 qualifying runs with 4 wins, she is bringing top recent form to the table at the right time. Sure to be on the pace, she will challenge the field to pass her if they can! The only chink in her armour is the fact she seems better on dirt over the shorter 5f.

Beautiful Mind from Pancho Racing Stables
Last race: SA 6f Dirt Good – DDSQ 1st

There has been no rush to get this one into qualifiers, which is commendable and a lesson for older and new stables. Started off in a $20 claimer, winning with a rate of 100, she showed her ability from the start. Moved up through allowances and handicap series, until after 13 races she seriously tried for the finals, winning 5 qualifiers along the way. Turf, Dirt, fast or sloppy, Rispoli or Tocky onboard, she doesn’t care, she will take them all on.
Showing great form coming into the final and makes it 3 out of the first 3 that I have marked for a winner!!!
Might have to remind Pancho of THAT claim 😉

Black Mater from Galloping Ghost
Last race: SA 6f Dirt Good – DDSQ 4th

Very lightly raced 3 year old, she boasts 3 wins in qualifiers from just 10 runs. Extremely high competition and she will need a little help in running as her best form is on the dirt and at this level I believe you need to tick all the boxes. With the speed from the gate of others she may well have to settle for mid pack throughout the race

Big Lead from Chrisman
Last race: Cal 7f Dirt Mud – DDSQ 4th

Not to the level of some of these, but she has paid her way with some nice runs getting a return in the 11 qualifiers she ran. I think the allowance race she ran at the start of November shows her optimum level, but she has earnt the right to be here and takes her chances among the other 9. With an obvious preference for dirt, she is going to be seeing more of the pack ahead of her than behind.

Hot Fudge Malt from Sweet Stables
Last Race: SA 7f Dirt fast – fOpenAlw – 3rd

The second entry for Sweet Stables, but going to be hard to make any case for her to be in the money. Much more comfortable on dirt, her turf form has been average in all reality, with a max rating of 97 in any turf race, where dirt has brough a maximum of 100. However, once again, you have to be in the final to win, so takes her chance with everyone else.

Dalmarian from the amazingly handsome Anfield Road
Last race: SA 6f Dirt Good – DDSQ 2nd

Another with a huge disadvantage running on turf. Had this been dirt then she would have a huge chance, but after a private chat with her trainer he has written her off.

Dazzling Leslie from Induna
Last race: Bel 6f Dirt fast – fAlw 5th

Lightly raced 3-year-old, with just 11 races this season. Shown a little form on soft, but one run on turf confirms she isn’t going to be at her best today. Form dropped severely and cannot find any positive for her in this high-quality race.

Golden Pound from Chrisman
Last race: SA 6f Dirt Good – DDSQ 6th

Never actually won her maiden, but run nicely through her conditions for Chrisman. As with a lot of finalist, she hit form early in her career, but found this highest level a struggle and with her form deserting her, she is going to struggle to make any impact here. She will give her trainer some cheer early in the race, but I doubt she has the speed to compete at the business end.

Storm Force from Anfield Road
Last race: SA 5f Dirt Good – DDSQ 6th

No chance at all!! But if the field had 9 women jockeys, hers would have a perfect view of them all!!!
Easy to predict her 10th place

This one seems much easier to predict, with the first 3 in the points being heads and shoulders above most of the others and I expect them to finish in the same order:

Pepermint Schnapps
Beautiful Mind

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