Digital Downs 2 Year Old Classic Championship Final Colts

Welcome to day 2 of the season’s finals. Today we move to the Classic division and start with the testosterone fueled colts, and geldings from Dynamo 😊. Judging by the points totals, this is going to be an extremely competitive race, maybe not full of quality as some others, but each horse has earnt the right to contest this and best of luck to all. This would be a completely different review if the final were on Turf.

12/25/2020Calder DD1 1/8 Dirst FastDigital Downs Classic Championship 2 Year Colt

Last seasons winner: The Witcher BmS from Beastmode Stables
Warmed up with a win over course and distance in a qualifier. Running a conservative 10 races, winning 5, 4 of them qualifiers, his only run outside quallies was his first maiden race. Ended with impressive stats of 5 win in 10 races, earning $750k. Not seen this season as his Trainer has been seen sunning it in Barbados for the last 4 months, living off his earnings! 😊

1Water WizardChrismansachin42
2Dazzling AlcoholPancho Racing Stablessachin37
3Command And ChargeAnfield Roadsachin37
4Stars Tap OutDynamosachin34
5Candy KingSweet Stablessachin32
6New OrderAnfield Roadsachin30
7First SomolliFlip Farmssachin29
8Temple AllianceFlip Farmssachin29
9Liverpool LouAnfield Roadsachin29
10DynaprinceFoggydan Farmssachin26

Water Wizard from Chrismansachin
Last race: Cal 1 1/8 Turf Firm– DDCQ 1st

Lovely looking and well-bred Colt from Chrisman finished top of the points, with 10 qualifying runs and 2 wins. All wins coming on Turf. His form on dirt looks susceptible to proven dirt runners; at this highest level you need everything in your favour and the going will be the main obstruction to a good run. Chrisman will hoping he runs as well as his dirt mile race where he earnt a 100 rating.

Dazzling Alcohol from Pancho Racing Stablessachin
Last race: Cal 1 1/8 Turf Firm– DDCQ 3rd

A $50,000 purchase from the Dazzler, this Colt has been highly tried this season. A winner of 4 of his 14 qualifying races, he has excelled at shorter distances, and been near the frame over classic distances. A decent 3rd in his warm up race over trip but, as with Water Wizard, his best form is not over the dirt and will be under pressure from pure dirt classic types here.

Command And Charge from Anfield Roadsachin
Last race: Cal 1 1/8 Turf Firm– DDCQ 3rd

First of three entries for Anfield Road and looks a great claim at $75k from Galloping Ghost early in the season. A proper dirt horse enters this following a particularly good second in a turf 1 1/8 race. Just 8 qualifying races, where he won 2, both over this trip. If the trainer can get a decent jockey and gate, this one will be at the business end competing for the dollars.

Stars Tap Out from Dynamosachin
Last race Bel 1 1/8 Dirt fast – Xmas Gingerbread 1st

WOW, A COLT from Dynamo!! Comes into this bang in form having won the Xmas G3Gingerbread over trip and going. Although his preference is for turf, he has proven as adept over the dirt, winning 2 of his 4 races. A winner of 1 of his qualifying runs, if recovered from a very testing last race, he is going to be among the principles.

Candy King from Sweet Stablessachin
Last race Bel 1m Turf Firm– Xmas Snowball 1st

I feel like I’m repeating myself but the difference in turf and dirt form is going to be the defining issue. 4 wins from 9 turf runs, but only 1 from 10 on turf. At lower levels you can get away with this, but not at this level. Having said that, there was a huge run over 1 1/8 on dirt early in the season, but again, early season form can be misleading as other work their way into qualifiers, going through the grades at the early stages of the season. Another, hoping that the dirt runners are not prepared for this.

New Order from Anfield Roadsachin
Last Race: SA 6F Dirt – DDSQ 2nd

A Gelding that never should be!!! What a cruel trainer. These bloodlines are amazing and now wasted!
Gradually made progress through the grades early in the season, which has culminated in his last 6 races being of the highest calibre. 1 1/8 is stretching his ability, but he has shown great form at this distance, with 3 second places in 2 qualifiers and a G1. A true dirt classic horse has a fine chance here, given luck with jockey and draw and in running!

First Somolli from Flip Farmssachin
Last Race: SA 1m Dirt – fAlw 4th

If only finals were at the end of the second month!!Quickly won 4 out of 5 races and looked a huge potential for the finals. But the season is long, and horses need nurturing to get the best at finals time. Last 4 races been disappointing and not very encouraging coming into this race. But he has form at distance and could bring that into the final with him, but a tough ask and would be a huge training performance.

Temple Alliance from Flip Farmssachin
Last Race: Bel 1 1/8 Dirt Mud – DDCQ 6th

The most likely to make the pace, this is a very lightly raced colt from Flip Farm, by an up-and-coming sire and mare. Looked a very nice prospect up to 2 races ago, but it is noticeable his last 3 races were within a 6 week period, and, maybe, he needed a few more to keep the consistency going. His only win on dirt came in his maiden in the slop, so of course his chances are much reduced here.

Liverpool Lou from Anfield Roadsachin
Last Race: Cal 1 1/8 Turf Firm – DDCQ 10th

Not exactly prolific, but does prefer dirt. Doesn’t belong at this level plain and simple.

Dynaprince from Foggydan Farmssachin
Last Race: Cal 1 1/8 Turf Firm – DDCQ 10th

Dans entry completes the final place. Been kept busy this season, with 17 races without setting the world alight. This distance looks like he may struggle here but has the form which brought him a few places at 1 1/8. Will struggle to compete with a few of these, if only it was on turf!!

Command And Charge

Stars Tap Out

New Order

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